The farm “Il Girasole” is located on the hills of Albinea, a few miles from Reggio Emilia. Our farm raises buffalo males of the Mediterranean born exclusively in Italy, from farms specialized in the production of buffalo milk. Our animals are breed in a semi-wild state: have access to a shelter where they can eat and rest on straw bedding. When the weather conditions are suitable they can go to pasture in large fence where they live outdoors. The products that become part of the food ration are exclusively of vegetable origin are rigorously tested to avoid contamination. In particular, are fed with corn, soybeans, grass hay, wheat straw and corn stalks.

Following the same philosophy we also breed pigs outdoors, in full respect of their needs in the open field . In fact, they live in large enclosures where they can run and rooting. Inside these spaces there are also hospitalizations where to shelter from bad weather, watering points and feeders (feed from strictly vegetable source). During summer we provide to moisten with water to cool the animals that protect them from parasites of the skin in a natural way.



 Azienda Agricola “Il Girasole”  from Google Maps

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